About Us

Pridenature specialises in maximising land values through the planning and construction process.

Our relationship with local planning authorities enables us to deliver added value to property and land owners even in some of the most planning sensitive boroughs.

It is our attention to detail and extensive knowledge of planning policy, combined with contemporary and traditional build programs, that has placed us apart within the industry.

What constitutes land:

There is no hard and fast rule; land development and investment can result from a single house (condition immaterial) to several houses where the homeowners have realised that by working together the marriage value exceeds that of a single plot.

Bungalows situated in locations where the ridge height can be raised are an obvious example.

Commercial units are always of interest, exploiting the sites full potential through the optimisation process, mixed use schemes and where appropriate change of use.

The simple answer is that if you think there is potential, there probably is.